Don’t let anybody brainwash you or put you in a box. Be open-minded, sensitive, discerning, fearless, and for the love of everything that’s good in life, be free to question everything that’s been taught and presented out there, and have and make up your own mind.

I believe that we all came from love, and because of that we tend to look for love and relationship with people. And because of that we a lot of times tend to bend our thoughts and ourselves to match other people’s ideas, views, and opinions as to not lose those relationships and for fear of being the odd person outside looking into the circle everybody is in. But let me tell you… Having your own mind, and being comfortable in your own skin; to disagree with ideas and things that maybe everybody around you is agreeing with; it’s freakin’ beautiful my friend, and it’s called being yourself.

Rafael Garcia – “Normal According to WHO??” – August 2014