Don’t be a drone, carbon copy. // BrEaK fREE. // Be unique. Be uncommon. Don’t think the same. // RT @lancewallnau – Paul Goode (@paulgoode) April 28, 2015

Don’t be a drone. Don’t be artificial. Don’t malfunction with others, agreeing with artificial life. Be reconfigured to God. Paul Goode (@paulgoode) April 10, 2015

Jimmy Lee

On the way home, had the chance to stop and talk with Jimmy Lee, an amazing Christperson. He walks in Frisco holding signs of encouragement. Jimmy Lee holding a handmade sign that says, “TRUST HIM!” Update: Little Elm, Texas declared October 24, 2015 to be Jimmy Lee Robinson Day. Plus, there is a fan page on […]

Words of Knowledge

Something that happens to me often, but especially in public places is that I will feel pains on my body. It could be a little zap of pain or something more. My only understanding is that these are “words of knowledge” for issues that The Lord wants to heal, or is healing, in the people […]

Dots and Connections

Started to get revelation about every Christ believer being a dot… a single point. This made me think about relationships in spaces and on maps. Possibly, how God does flow and connect to what is happening in the lives of people and between cities/regions/groups. A simple page with blue dots. Started to see how believers […]