This drawing started a long time ago. It was so large that it had taken me a while to finish. I have kept it safe since 2006, slowing iterating on it. It is still incomplete.

In Progress Photos

Pushed it along for a while this morning.

Chopping away at this Saturday morning. Just taking a pic before going out with family.

Preppy Vision

Geared up to draw this morning.

This is the portion cranked upon tonight. Mostly coloring in.


In Progress Video


Although this is still incomplete, parts of it can be used to inspire paintings (like this one).


I started this painting in January 2013. It took me until May 2015 to finally get it done. That’s over two years, but retaining a space to paint is not easy. Plus… life.

Finished painting, beside a framed drawing:
Finished painting.

A few close-up of details:
Finished painting.

Finished painting.

Finished painting.

Into the Silence

This is a large acrylic painting on canvas called “Into the Silence.” Down at the bottom of this page, you can see the ink drawing that inspired the elements: vibrations, toothpaste, rotating eyeballs, vibrating lights, and DNA strands. The small ink drawing was a small portion of a larger one.

"Into the Silence"

Additional Photos

painting detail


painting detail

A photo of the canvas propped up on a tree outside:


Some painting supplies:


Originally based on this drawing (shown below) which is a fragment of a bigger drawing:

Painting forms inspired by this section from the big (slow) drawing.