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Making Bookmarks

The kids and I have been reading. I saw the need to make some bookmarks.

There's life in here and in you.

Another laminated bookmark, with strips of post it note paper glued to the drawing.

A laminated bookmark made over the holiday break.


This drawing started a long time ago. It was so large that it had taken me a while to finish. I have kept it safe since 2006, slowing iterating on it. It is still incomplete.

In Progress Photos

Pushed it along for a while this morning.

Chopping away at this Saturday morning. Just taking a pic before going out with family.

Preppy Vision

Geared up to draw this morning.

This is the portion cranked upon tonight. Mostly coloring in.


In Progress Video


Although this is still incomplete, parts of it can be used to inspire paintings (like this one).


This is an orb drawing.

Finished this drawing.
Ink on paper drawing, black on white, with lots of random shapes formed into a rough circle.

Got most of the thing situated. Will rest and try to get it done before the weekend closes.

Almost there…


I started this painting in January 2013. It took me until May 2015 to finally get it done. That’s over two years, but retaining a space to paint is not easy. Plus… life.

Finished painting, beside a framed drawing:
Finished painting.

A few close-up of details:
Finished painting.

Finished painting.

Finished painting.

Big Drawing

This drawing took a while to create but is approximately 20″ x 20″ in size.

big drawing

Beach Drawings

Drawn while listening to the ocean. All black ink on paper.

Seas Emergence - Drawing while at the beach.

Seed Growth - Drawing while at the beach, number 2.

Connected - Beach drawing, 3.

Transforming and forming, many seeds, many births, much good soil, much growth, light, water and wind.